अगस्त, 2011 की पोस्ट दिखाई जा रही हैं
District North East :Three Sessions for cwsn workers (2 , 3 & 5 august 2011) Stress management sessions for c.w.s.n workers (Three Sessions) Regarding stress management for c.w.s.n. & I.E. workers zone wise three sessions were organized in each zone of District North East. Dr.Bhartendu Mishra -District coordinator convened all three meetings. All resource teachers, I.E. Volunteers & IEDSS In charge Teachers attended these sessions. Other matters were also discussed regarding update of school wise data for cwsn. 1. Date 2/8/2011 zone-5-venue: GGSSS Shivaji Park Delhi-110032 Mr.V.K.Mittal - Zonal Coordinator giving his talk- 2.Date 3/8/2011 zone-6 venue: SKV M.S.Park- 1 Delhi-110032 Mrs.Richa Sharma: Zonal Coordinator giving her talk- Date 5/8/2011 zone-4 venue:- GGSSS.East o