अप्रैल, 2013 की पोस्ट दिखाई जा रही हैं
INCLUSIVE SPORTS ACTIVITIES(2012-13) RESULTS & report BY - Ms NIDHI KUMRA (R.T.-M.R.) Sports activities for CWSN (Class I to Vlll) were organized on 16 feb 2013 in MP Hall of RPVV,Yamuna Vihar about 60 school of DOE participant in sports activities and about 150 CWSN participated in all the 5 activities. Acitivities organized were 1.Carrom 2.chess 3.ball throw 4.musical chair 5.painting Hon’able Deputy Director Mr.R.N Sharma inagaurated all activities with the beat of drum OSD Mr.K.G.Goswami and Mr.R.N.Sharma appreciated the participants for there enthuasiam. Mr.R.K.Tuli (PET),RPVV Yamuna Vihar were present as chief judge for fair judgment for all sports activities. Judgement of paintings done by Mr.Ajay bhardwaj(T.G.T.Drg)GBSSS,Tukhmirpur.Ms.Ruchi Anand I.E.D.S.S Incharge,RPVV Yamuna Vihar along with her collegue Ms Mansi Gupta helped a lot in this regard.Finally we